“It is possible to create history: 
the truth lies within provoking feelings and emotions.”

- Álvaro Fernandes

Ágva was created in 2009 as a brand of bespoke shirts.

Curiosity impeled us to explore the world of tailoring and made to order clothing and accessories. And today, our creations are author signed pieces, wanted by clients who see our products as an extension of themselves.

As principle, we create, build and produce clothing and accessories regarding a certain line we identify ourselves with and that, at the same time, is our inspiration.

Each one of ágva’s actions, each one of your ágva’s belongings, is executed with passion. And this feeling becomes real when the product chooses you.




Artisan Made

Bernardo M42 is synonymous with tradition and genuine handcrafted shoes recognized worldwide, coming from the region of Oporto, Portugal.

Every pair shows passion for leather, individual finishing and attention to detail. Innovative procedures used in Bernardo M42 shoes require manual techniques and unique processes which make all the models exclusive with a distinguished look, without sacrificing comfort and quality.





Life is too short to take a nap

Catarina Martins is a well established women’s footwear brand, making waves worldwide.

The brand’s spirit is Vintage but Fresh, Contemporary but Edgy.

Designed following the highest standards of quality with the use of innovative components and authentic materials, key in the brand’s evolvement to meet our customer’s high standards. Comfort is also paramount so we use full leather linings to enhance the overall aesthetic.

A tribute to the region and the traditionally hardworking people of the North of Portugal, every pair of Catarina Martins bears the label “Shoes made in region of Oporto”.